Deep Thoughts Ep89: Art & Design

A YouTube only video containing a brief tour of my past artwork. Inside are many theories of design. This is only a brief, but hopefully useful.

Deep Thoughts Ep88: Mind Control

If you think your thoughts are yours, think again. The world has become a cloudy battleground for your thoughts and opinions. Either by shear repetition, inject story themes, or complex electrical mechanisms, your thoughts are programmed….

Deep Thoughts Ep87: Predictive Programming

The powers that be want to convince you that they can predict your behavior to the extent they will have the right to apprehend you in the middle of the night and charge you with crimes…

Deep Thoughts SR: Mandela Effect P2

It’s official, the world isn’t what we think it is. Based on a user comment on YouTube, the famous inventor of the cotton gin Mr. Eli Whitney is for some now a white man who graduated…

Deep Thoughts Ep83: Politics

Capitalism, socialism, and communism…the three forms of primary government that feeds the consciousness of mankind. Do we really understand how these forms of government evolved organically? This episode takes you through an example of a remote…