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Deep Thoughts Ep 177: The Flat Earth Simulator

There are two factions fighting for the Truth. One, a five hundred year old loosely informed group of parrots, and two, a passionate group of explorers who have the courage to challenge paradigms of modern science….


Deep Thoughts Ep 176: Destiny

It is something that plagues the minds of many. “Am I missing my destiny?” It haunts the bones of some of us. In this episode, we dismantle the concept and slowly reconstruct it to lighten the…


Deep Thoughts Ep 175: An AI Universe?

Does the universe think? Are there emotions inside mathematical equations? Does the universe sing the body electric? In this episode, we examine the anatomy of the universe and its balance between perceivable math and certain emotion….


Deep Thoughts Ep 174: Benefits Of Flat Earth

Regardless of where your opinion rests, the exercise of exploring radical theories of the universe is useful to the mind. In this episode, we explore the benefits that the theory of Flat Earth have brought anyone…


Deep Thoughts Ep 173: Pendulum Of Belief

We are taught to accept conflicting paradigms of Truth: fantasy and reality. On one end of the pendulum, facts are demanded, on the other, fictional religions rule supreme. The two methods contradict one another, but are…