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    Deep Thoughts

    Welcome to Deep Thoughts. The channel that compliments your intelligence and engages your mind. Mark covers a wide range of topics in either science, social, or creative realms. You are assured to find at least one…

Deep Thoughts Ep 146: The Dream Realm

What are the differences between “reality” and the dream realm? Why can’t we remember as easily? Why if we write things down, they become history? In this episode we look at some significant differences and tools…


Deep Thoughts Ep 145: Focus

We all know we need more, but what do we do to get it? In this episode, we examine the principles of focus, and methods of rearranging our lives to get exactly how much we need,…


Deep Thoughts Ep 144: Being Offended

There is a virus spreading throughout humanity. A fake emotion that facilitates extortion emotionally and sometimes physically. It is time that we parse this faux feeling into its component parts and engage its true meaning to…


Deep Thoughts Ep 143: From The Void

From the void all things come. In this episode we look at a theory outlined by philosopher Jean Baudrillard that voids are necessary to fuel the need for change. Instead of boredom, there is light. Enjoy….


Deep Thoughts Ep 142: Alien Splicing

The subject of evolution being hijacked by aliens is a common one. In this episode, we examine the implications of evolution verses creationism with the insertion of alien gene splicing. Enjoy. http://mkultraradio.com/podcast/dt/DT_142.mp3Podcast: Play in new window…